Kindermusik at our Award Winning Studio

Our award-winning Kindermusik classes immerse your child in a rich, developmentally appropriate environment while our multi-sensory approach to learning will improve his or her ability to think, reason, create and express. Join us as we sing, sway, laugh and play together while fostering social, cognitive, language and emotional growth through the joy and power of music. Connect with other families and discover how music makes great parenting easier in a studio that has been awarded Conductor’s Circle Maestro status and is among the top 1% of Kindermusik studios worldwide.  Enjoy a class where you and your child, from birth to age seven, will build your family bond in an enriching environment that develops the whole child through the most powerful learning tool on the planet — music!

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Today's guest blog post comes from an e-mail we received from one of the parents in our Kindermusik community.  Enjoy! Miss Carol, I wasn't sure what to send you regarding our experience with this program so I just wrote it like a letter.  Let me know if you would like additional informatio...

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A Time to Dance

Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago, but we just passed the autumnal equinox, and the lesson that I learned about it as a metaphor for my life still lingers on my mind.  So pretend that it didn’t snow this week and hearken back to those 2 weeks of September when it still felt like fall. There ar...

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Are E-books Really Better for the Enviornment?

We’re made to think it’s a no-brainer – that e-books are greener than print books, because paper production has a greater footprint than producing the technology. Right? As the leading digital publisher for children’s music education, we clearly believe that the benefits of digital publishin...

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Behind The Kindermusik Recordings

Learn more about musician Howard Levy. Check out the Minds on Music blog available online here....

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Choosing Great Children's Books

We all know that reading to our children is an important part of their intellectual and emotional development. But why is this so? Parent and Child Magazine explains in an insightful article by Susan B. Neuman, a professor of childhood studies. Reading is fun, stimulates the imagination, provides...

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Developing Empathy at Kindermusik class

Empathy is the capacity to observe other people's feelings and to respond with care and concern. Children who are empathetic tend to do better in school, in social situations, and later on in their careers. Empathy is a skill that can be learned and the process for developing empathy begins in i...

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EagleEyes Project

I had the opportunity to listen to the director of the Opportunity Foundation of America, Debbie Inkley, speak the other day about their work with the EagleEyes Project. The Opportunity Foundation of America is located in Salt Lake City, though they collaborate with Boston College to be the manuf...

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Ensemble Work in Kindermusik

Bell choir season is upon us.  I attended just such a concert last weekend and left in amazement. (Well, also with some bells still ringing in my head, but since I attend bell choir concerts very rarely, that’s OK.) (This isn't the choir that I saw, but in researching this post, I found this c...

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Flying Fish

My in-laws live in the Puget Sound area.  I’ve landed at the Sea-Tac Aiport more times than I can count and I have always enjoyed looking at the bronze fish swimming along the floor (which I have just learned were created by Judith and Daniel Caldwell and are called, “Flying Fish”—tha...

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Gotta Do More

[youtube][/youtube] The last couple of weeks of my life have been really hard.  Not in any life-threatening or debilitating way—I’ve had those weeks (or months or years), and I’d rather take the stress that I’m under right now, thankyouverymuch....

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“I can tell (baby) Harrison recognizes the songs and enjoys them because when I turn on the CD player or start singing he gets a huge smile on his face and he turns to listen.” – Barbara

“I have seen the growth in my son’s development from the very beginning, both in his learning skills and his socialization. He is always happy and excited to go to Kindermusik. Now that he is a bit older and I no longer attend class with him, it is fun to see him come home with new songs, ideas, dances, etc., that he has learned in class. And he retains what he learns, which gives him a sense of pride and accomplishment. The instructors are out of this world, such talented, imaginative kid magnets! If you want your child to develop an excitement for learning, enroll them in Kindermusik!” – Natalie

How fun!!!  Thanks so much for such a wonderful program for my precious babies.  I can’t even express how much this has been a blessing in my life to take these children to Kindermusik, but the real blessings have been on their lives.  I know they have really grown more than they would have without Kindermusik. – Grandma Renee

“Great musical basis for future instrument lessons. My 9 year old (who did Kindermusik) has caught up to my 12 year old (who did not) in piano lessons!” – Becky

“All four of my kids have done Kindermusik and LOVED the music & activities. I loved the one on one time we got to spend together. I really believe that my kids are doing so well in school and socially too because they have had music as big part of their life since they were very young.” – Amy

“Kindermusik is not just a weekly “Class”, but it is a way of growing with my son on a daily basis. I am not a “kid” person, activities and things to do with children does not and has not come easily for me. Kindermusik has helped me to find the child in myself. Helping us to enjoy our house, our animals our world more and more every time we share a song together, or dance to the music, or do an activity at home! We love it!”- Tara

As Thomas is our last child, I wanted to spend some very intentional “one on one” time with him. The past two years have exceeded my wildest expectations.Thank you for sharing your energy, enthusiasm and talents with us. Watching Thomas grow from a 6 month old baby who wasn’t even crawling (yet could spit up on a dime) to the dancing, ball throwing two year old he is today has been one of the great blessings in my life. You have made great contributions to the development in all our children through your work as a Kindermusik educator.” – Chris – Kindermusik Dad

“Kindermusik provides adult education for me! I love to learn songs and activities that I can take home and use outside of class.”  – Laura

“Another year has come and gone and we are filled with music again. My children and I have so enjoyed your love and songs. Our week is better when we’ve had a little Miss Carol in it! You work so hard and are always prepared and organized. Your happy spirit makes me want to do better. Thanks for all you do for our family.”  – Jodi

“I wanted to say thank you for an amazing year with you in Kindermusik! You are an incredible teacher who is very gifted at instilling a love of music into the lives of others.”

– Sarah

Kindermusik Summer Camp Extension Ideas

Ahhh. . . summer.  I’ve actually had some slow afternoons.  It’s been lovely.

Kindermusik summer camps have started, of course, and the kids are having so much fun.  Today I’m back for my last installment, giving you ideas of how to extend summer camp into additional themed learning.  I present: Pirates!  (Check out our previous installments here: 1, 2 and 3)

Peter Pan would be a great place to start.  Depending on the age span of the kids in your family, there are many ways to get at the Peter Pan story.  Older children would enjoy a Peter and the Starcatchers read along, or even reading the original Peter Pan story.  If not, the Disney movie version is classic.  You might also consider Hook or Finding Neverland.  And for a quick respite from the outdoor heat, Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a hit at my house.

Other great stories include How I Became a Pirate and Pirates Don’t Change Diapers, and if your kids are Muppet fans, there’s Muppet Treasure Island, for a non-Peter Pan-themed flick.

Go for a neighborhood stroll, and have the kids walk a plank every chance they get (curbs make for great planks).  Feeling extra adventurous?  Send (or go with) the kids on a neighborhood treasure hunt in the neighborhood.  There’s a simple scavenger hunt here.  And then you can come back home for some pirate booty! (Popsicles are easy—but you could pick up some Rolos or chocolate coins at the grocery store if you want to go that route).

Teach the kids how to use binoculars. has some great tutorials and ideas here.  Not a telescope, but perhaps a little more accessible.  Of course, if you have a telescope, it would be fun to take it out and do some similar activities.

Finally, dig out all your dress-up jewelry, bandanas and pretend swords and let your kids’ imaginations take over.

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